Professor Masayuki Ikoma (生駒 雅之 Kōma Masayuki?) is the mastermind planner of L-Plan. He is Yumi Ikoma father.

Personality & CharacterEdit


At the Ikoma residence, Kouzou Minashiro and Fumihiko Makabe pay a visit to him who was bedridden, as well as discussing the L-Plan where the L-boat will detach from Alvis to act as a decoy in order to hide Tatsumiya Island and development of Fafner Nothung model from the Festum. He was seen analyse the prototype Fafner Titan Model (TSX) for the plan when his daughter, Yumi Ikoma return home from school. After Kouzou and Fumihiko left the Ikoma residence, Yumi inform him that she will be spending time with Ryo Masaoka the next day at the beach.

When Yumi return home after spending time with Ryo, she found that the flower were scatter around the Ikoma residence. She was worried when her father was not on his bed until she found him at the garden lying down in a weak condition. On his last breath, he told Yumi to go to Alvis and he passed away.



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