Fafner: Right of Left Original Soundtrack is the soundtrack album of Fafner: Right of Left, containing music by Tsuneyoshi Saito.

Track listing[edit | edit source]

  1. Prologue (プロローグ)
  2. Tatsumiya Island (竜宮島)
  3. Project L (L計画 )
  4. Sea (海)
  5. Father's Death (父の死)
  6. Memorizing (メモリージング)
  7. Decision (決意)
  8. Fafner Boarding Practice (ファフナー搭乗訓練)
  9. Commence Project L (L計画始動)
  10. Fear (恐怖)
  11. Distant Heart (心の距離)
  12. Yumi's Feelings (祐未の気持ち)
  13. Ryo's Kindness (僚の優しさ)
  14. Enemy Raid (敵襲来)
  15. Sacrifice (犠牲)
  16. Escape (脱出)
  17. Enemy That Should Not Be (いるはずのない敵)
  18. The End of the Fight (戦いの果てに)
  19. Marine Snow (マリンスノー)
  20. Our Decision (僕たちの決意)

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