Fafner: Now Here is a two-disc album containing music from Fafner: Dead Aggressor and audio drama "Now Here".

Track listing Edit

  1. Fafner in the Azure (蒼穹のファフナー)
  2. Hymn (賛歌)
  3. Solitude (孤独)
  4. Pain (痛み)
  5. Memories (想い出)
  6. The Choice of Survival (生存という選択)
  7. Carving of Fortune (幸福な刻)
  8. Human Army (人類軍)
  9. Invasion (侵略)
  10. Solomon (ソロモン)
  11. Path to the Void (無への道)
  12. Raid (襲来)
  13. Absorption (同化)
  14. Battle (戦闘)
  15. Tsubaki -Requiem- (TSUBAKI -レクイエム-)
  16. Antagonism (拮抗)
  17. Guidance (導き)
  18. Blessing -Festum- (祝福 -フェストゥム-)
  19. Reason to Fight (戦う理由)
  20. Urd's Spring (ウルドの泉)
  21. Dialogue (対話)
  22. Choice (選択)
  23. Agony of Existence (存在の苦痛)
  24. Existence and Void (存在と無)
  25. Divergence (分岐)
  26. Mark Sein (マークザイン)
  27. Prayer -Orchestra Ver- (いのり -ORCHESTRA VER-)
  28. Tsubaki -Understanding- (TSUBAKI -理解-)
  29. Future-Past (未来-過去)
  30. Azure Plan (蒼穹作戦)
  31. Fafner in the Azure-Finale- (蒼穹のファフナー-フィナーレ-)
  32. Mystic Girl

Track credits Edit

  • All tracks: composed and arranged by Tsuneyoshi Saito
  • Track 32: lyrics by Koichi Ogata, performed by Machiko Kashiwabara

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