Fafner: No Where is a two-disc album containing music from Fafner: Dead Aggressor by Tsuneyoshi Saito and audio drama "No Where".

Track listing Edit

  1. Prologue -Beginning- (序章 -はじまり-)
  2. Fabricated Paradise (楽園の楽園)
  3. Azure (蒼穹)
  4. The Girl's Feelings (少女の想い)
  5. Buddy (仲間)
  6. Mutual Touch (触れ合い)
  7. Truth (真実)
  8. Impatience (焦り)
  9. Doubt (迷い)
  10. Agony (苦悩)
  11. Friends Crossing Paths (すれ違う友)
  12. Shed Tears (流す涙)
  13. Valkyrie (ワルキューレ)
  14. Fafner -Vow- (ファフナー -誓い-)
  15. Omen (予兆)
  16. Appearance (出現)
  17. Festum -Erosion- (フェストゥム -侵蝕-)
  18. Are You There -Fight- (あなたはそこにいますか -戦い-)
  19. Absorption Danger (同化危機)
  20. Decision -Journey- (決意 -旅立ち-)
  21. Nightmare Gate Opens (ナイトヘーレ開門)
  22. Azure of sadness (哀しみの蒼穹)
  23. 翔子 -SHOKO-
  24. TSUBAKI -Lullaby- (TSUBAKI -子守唄-)
  25. Life (命)
  26. Hope (希望)
  27. Prayer (いのり)
  28. Sky (そら)
  29. FAFNER in the azure

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