Fafner: Heaven and Earth Original Soundtrack is the soundtrack album of Fafner: Heaven and Earth, containing music by Tsuneyoshi Saito.

Track listing Edit

  1. Prologue -A New Fight- (序章-新たな戦い-)
  2. Paradise (楽園)
  3. Suffering and Hatred (苦しみと憎悪)
  4. Bon Festival (盆)
  5. Abnormality (異変)
  6. Festum (フェストゥム)
  7. Mark Sein Sortie (マークザイン出撃)
  8. Type Euros Evolves (エウロス型進化)
  9. Counterattack (反撃)
  10. Preparation for War (臨戦態勢)
  11. Mystery (謎)
  12. Spared Life (生かされた命)
  13. Fafner Sotie (ファフナー出撃)
  14. Awakening (目覚め)
  15. Island Killer (島殺しの敵)
  16. Conversation and Truth (対話と真実)
  17. Are You There (お前はそこにいるのか)
  18. Princess -Valkyrie- (乙姫-ワルキューレ-)
  19. Sacrifice and Conversation (犠牲と対話)
  20. Fierce Battle (激戦)
  21. Exhausting Battle (消耗戦)
  22. Pain and Hope (痛みと希望)
  23. Second Azure Battle Plan (第2次蒼穹作戦)
  24. Commence Battle Plan (作戦開始)
  25. Mark Nicht (マークニヒト)
  26. Path of Conversation, And the Place to Return to (対話の道、そして帰る場所)
  27. Choice Above the Sky (空上での選択)
  28. Human Army Fire (人類軍の火)
  29. New Life (新しい命)

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